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Join us at RSNA 2022 to see how we create add-value solutions to help to excel in the healthcare industry
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How do we deal with the challenges? 

Prodrive Technologies is going to participate in RSNA 2022, from the 27th to the 30th of November in Chicago, USA, which combines conference and exhibition – an annual event where experts gather to discuss and showcase radiology’s innovation, research, and development.  

The radiology OEMs are continually endeavouring to provide high-performance medical devices whilst maintaining the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the healthcare systems. At this tradeshow, we are going to demonstrate how we support medical imaging applications to overcome these challenges. The highlight products include the audio-video processing, scalable rack servers, customizable industrial PCs, the latest COM express processors, and NVIDIA’s Clara AGX Developer Kit.  

Visit us at booth 6650 and talk to one of our experts to learn more!  


Featured Product at the show - AVIDIS, a network-based audio-video distribution system

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Energy consumption has been an issue for healthcare systems. Have you ever wondered about the balance of reducing power usage while keeping the device quality for patients? 

Joost van Straalen, one of our principal engineers will talk about how an innovative new generation of gradient amplifiers can reduce an MRI scanner’s energy consumption and provide other benefits. 




SiC MOSFET Gradient Amplifiers, a gamechanger for MRI energy consumption and gradient performance 

To reduce scan time and enhance image quality, MRI scanners rely on powerful gradient amplifiers to drive the gradient coils with voltages above 2000V and currents of 1200A. Very precise and stable control of the current is required to achieve high-quality images. The powerful gradient systems of the latest MRI scanners consume more and more energy. Electricity prices are going up and the installation of more mains outlet power is not always possible to facilitate in existing hospital buildings. This makes MRI system energy consumption more important for hospitals. Prodrive Technologies is applying its sustainability design methods, to develop new generation gradient amplifiers based on SiC MOSFETs. In this talk, Joost is going to explain the technology behind this innovation.

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Meet our Experts


Marco Rietveld, Global Sales and Business Development Manager Medical 

Industry expert for the general medical market 


Joost van Straalen, Designer 

Designer and specialist for gradient amplifiers (NG series) and MRI system 


Dustin Gorman, General Manager Commerce in North America 

General manager in North America 

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Bas van Bree, Commercial Director 

Commercial director of the computing systems

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